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How to create selling online course

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What you will learn
  • Create online courses that actually sell
  • Build an automated sales funnel to sell your course while you sleep
  • Validate your course idea to make sure it will be profitable.
  • Design an engaging and high-quality course.
  • Launch successfully, even without an audience.
  • Grow a loyal following for your own brand.
  • Use YouTube, webinars, blogging, and podcasting to sell your courses.
  • Know exactly what equipment you need to teach your course.
  • Increase your income by re-purposing course content.
  • How to check the profitability of a course
  • What you should name your course
  • Options for recording and editing your course
  • Places you should sell your courses
  • How to price your course
  • Hardware/Software/Mental requirements
  • Validating your course idea
  • Putting the course together
  • Promoting your course
  • Making Money with your course
  • Build profitable, passive income courses and create a life of freedom